Liberty Teams

Loudoun Liberty Travel Softball Teams

For the 2019-2020 Season Loudoun Liberty Travel Softball has  a total of eight teams, with the majority of teams advancing to the next age bracket. The  Futures team advanced to 10U and the 2018-19 10U team/coach has advanced to 12U Black.  A new 14U Black team has formed and the 2018-19 14U Black team/coach has advanced to 16U Black. In addition, a 16U White team was created. The 2018-19 16U team advanced to 18U. Loudoun Storm maintains its 18U team

10U Liberty – Head Coach: Jeff Parker

12U Liberty Black – Head Coach: Chris DeLancey

14U Liberty Black – Head Coach: Mario Ordaz

Liberty Blue – Head Coach: Todd Schaaf

16U Liberty Black – Head Coach: Brett Cameron

16U Liberty White – Head Coach: Andrea Bates

18U Liberty – Head Coach: Brian Lloyd

18U Loudoun Storm – Head Coach: JJ Merchant

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