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10U Futures Cheer on Local Rivalry

10U Futures players turned out to cheer on local softball rivals Woodgrove High School and Loudoun Valley High School as they took on one another in the first round of this Western Loudoun competition. Most Futures players will attend one of these two high schools. Loudoun Valley swept this round with a 3-2 varsity victory and a 15-13 JV win.

14U Black Players Make School Squads

Congratulations to our Liberty Black 14U Players for making their high school and middle school teams:

  • Jordan Cheshire, Loudoun County High School (JV)
  • Abbey Dobies, Loudoun County High School (JV)
  • Sara Alter, Woodgrove High School (JV)
  • Marissa Licciardone, Loudoun Valley High School (JV)
  • Tori Moran, Heritage High School (Varsity)
  • Corina Alvarez, Harper Park Middle School
  • Ia Rivera-Millan, Eagle Ridge Middle School